Seed-One Launches GenerationOne

Seed-One Ventures Launches GenerationOne

New venture is focused on utilizing advanced mobile technologies to providecollaborative health care.

MIAMI, Fla. (April 10, 2006) Seed-One Ventures, an innovative seed-stage venture firm focused on forming new technology-based ventures from the ground-up, has launched GenerationOne, Inc., which is developing the nations first fully integrated solution for mobile collaborative care.

GenerationOne focuses on innovative use of advanced mobile and Web-based technologies and decision support to enable bi-directional health management communications between patients and providers, said Jeffrey Wolf, Managing Partner, Seed-One Ventures and CEO of GenerationOne. By providing a vehicle for secure, real-time interaction and always-on access to information, GenerationOne moves beyond the limiting episodic nature of existing health monitoring programs by providing the tools to enable people to become active, informed participants in the management of their health.

Traditional solutions emerged in response to escalating healthcare costs and a rising number of chronic conditions requiring long-term care and management. Providing patients with information about managing their condition encourages compliance with prescribed care plans, thus improving outcomes and reducing the costs associated with care.

However, current solutions fall short. They lack the ability to interact with patients whenever and wherever they need it, or to provide the real-time intervention and support necessary to achieve maximum compliance.

GenerationOne changes that paradigm by providing a direct and seamless wireless link between patients and providers. GenerationOne solutions improve medication compliance and adherence to recommended behaviors, lowering costs by reducing complications that result in hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Most importantly, they help improve health outcomes and, subsequently, the patients quality of life said Paul Belsky, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, GenerationOne.

The Companys solutions are based on its proprietary wireless health management platform, a flexible suite of software and hardware, services and back-end solutions that enable clients to securely capture, transmit, receive and display medical and health information via a wireless device. The platform also includes a web-based control center, notification services, voice and data services and GenerationOnes proprietary devices.

Ideally suited for insurers, employers, Medicare/Medicaid and others responsible for caring for patients with chronic diseases and for maintaining patient wellness, GenerationOne automates the health management process and empowers individuals to optimize their health through informed self-management.

Initial service offerings will target asthma, diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure. GenerationOnes mobile health management solution will be launched on a limited basis in the third quarter of 2008.

About Seed-One Ventures

Seed-One Ventures, LLC, is a venture capital firm focused on forming new companies based upon breakthrough technologies with significant commercial applications. Seed-One focuses developing and acquiring cutting edge technologies and forming their technology-based portfolio companies from the ground-up. Seed-Ones target areas for new venture creation include biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information systems, and hardware and software technologies.

About GenerationOne, Inc.

Based in Miami, Fla., GenerationOne ( leverages advanced mobile technologies and clinical decision support to facilitate delivery of un-tethered, interactive consumer-based health management tools and services. The Companys proprietary wireless health management platform is a flexible suite of components, including proprietary software, a web-based control center, notification, voice and data services and GenerationOnes proprietary device, that can be customized to create a variety of target-specific services to monitor a wide range of disease and wellness conditions. Central to GenerationOne solutions is a powerful bi-directional information management system that provides timely instruction and two-way feedback. This allows providers, payers, employers and others responsible for managing the delivery and cost of healthcare to work with patients and consumers to integrate interactive, targeted health management tools and services into their daily routines via real-time interventions and always-on decision support. The end result is improved outcomes and reduced costs.


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