About Us

Our objective is to form and run new ventures based upon novel ideas and technology that exhibit substantial commercial potential. We provide the oft-missing ingredients necessary to grow such a venture: seed-stage and later-stage capital, expert management teams and business strategies with clearly defined milestones. We do not work with existing companies; our model is to start and nurture new ventures from their inception.

We seek the following when forming each new venture:

  • Broad platform technologies with multiple applications
  • Technologies that represent a paradigm shift in the way a scientific issue or problem has traditionally been viewed
  • A strong, defensible patent position
  • Proof of principle established through published or unpublished experimentation
  • Technology on the cusp of commercialization
  • Large commercial markets

Seed-One systematically forms new ventures exclusively around technologies that meet the above criteria. We actively manage each new venture we form and serve as the initial management team before installing a robust and qualified team to shepard the new venture forward.

At Seed-One, we do not claim to reinvent venture capital; We are simply taking it back to its roots.